nSiteBuilders provides real time market data for home builders.nSiteBuilders.com is the online portal for the collection, management and analytics of home builder corporate and competitor pricing data. Track geography, pricing, sales, starts, cancellations and much more in a central online database.

nSiteBuilders frees you from the hassle and redundancy of using spreadsheets and email to collect and distribute competitor shop data. The robust feature set includes:

  • Store and track historical shop data
  • Step by step Shop Wizard takes the sales consultant through the shop process
  • Printable shop data collection and leave-behind forms makes data collection easy and encourages reciprocation
  • Customizeable notification system allows managers to schedule recurring reminders for sales consultants to perform their shops
  • Shop management allows managers to see the shop status of sales consultants within their territory
  • Advanced heirarchy tool with historical versioning
  • Shop data graphing
  • Export data as .CSV
  • Geographical neighborhood mapping with Google Map view
  • Internal mail and messaging system
  • Customizeable brand and color scheme support multi-brand corporations
  • Advanced permissions system allows you to define what area(s) of your nsitebuilders account they can access, and which operations they can perform
  • …and much more

nSiteBuilders.com is easy to implement across organizations of any size and the basic tool is free! Contact us today for a live demo and training session, and start using nSiteBuilders.com today.